Front panels and membrane switches.

We realize custom front panels and membrane switches, with digital and screen-printed graphics, embossed keys, braille, back lighted, transparent and tinted windows.
Custom-tailored membrane switches with integrated components also paired with rigid supports.

Labels, Resin-Coated Stickers, Tags.

Our portfolio includes screen and digital printed labels and tags for industrial marking, screen and digital printed with embossed effect, refractive, resin coated, anti-counterfeiting, over- laminated and UV resistant.

Flexible printed circuits.

FPCs are conceived to be applied on membrane switch assembly or on electronics application including LEDs and other components depending on our clients’ needs.

Industrial products.

We realize brand names, ornaments and logos, suitable for applications on many surfaces and paints, indicated for graphic decorations on trains, buses, agricultural machines and boats.
We tailor-cut Gasket, double sided adhesive, and any other plastic materials for specific requests.

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